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SEO: A Brief and Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), like most things, has its “do’s and dont’s”. SEO and SEM is a tool that requires a heavy amount of research, however if simple rules are followed, the outcome could be rewarding. A successful SEO plan can help a business reach it’s next level. Having the correct keyword research and content development allows for a business to become much more competitive in the market. Many larger companies have this service completed, but with the basic knowledge, your business could also be placed in premium positions within search engines.

Have someone design an attractive, and user friendly, website instead of trying to build one through a “cookie cutter” type website or software program that offers cheap business site templates. The saying “you get what you pay for,” definitely applies here. It’s 2010 and the average online user can tell a generic site from a well thought out nicely designed one in a split second, and yes, they will absolutely go to another site based on looks alone. Hence, one should make sure that their site looks good for that first impression when a user sees it for the first time and decides (very quickly) if they want to peruse the page or simply click to another. The site needs to be attractive, easy to navigate through, and the content and verbiage must make sense and be error free. Spend some time with a professional web developer who has experience with consumer and website usability. Also, if one’s goal is to make an e-commerce style site with a shopping cart or payment system, be sure to hire a web designer with experience with programming e-commerce sites.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use different algorithms to determine hierarchical placement of search results for each website. The most important way to be noticed by the search engines over one’s competition is by using unique verbiage and content. When constructing a web campaign, businesses either write and create content on their own or they hire a marketing company or freelance web writer to do this for them. A business owner that chooses to develop an online campaign has a choice to make regarding keyword research. Either they will have to learn on their own through trial and error, and suffer through the learning curve and multiple hours of training, or they can hire a marketing or SEO company to handle these needs for them. To learn more, try searching terms like: improving search results, SEO techniques, beginning SEO and keyword research for content. For the best results, it’s advised that one contact a Marketing Company that provides SEO services.

Integrated Marketing Communications and Changing Technologies

Integrated Marketing (IM) is one of the most effective forms of distributing a message for a business and its brand. The entire logic behind IM is the unification and utilization of all marketing avenues. The tools that each form offers must be integrated as one in order for the delivery strategy to be most efficient in its campaign. Utilizing its functions of IM the program could present a tremendous impact on consumers and internet end users.

There are two main categories for IM strategies, online and offline marketing. Although the strategies begin in different platforms they are all intertwined in some way whether they are on the internet or out in the real world. Some offline marketing ideas for an integrated strategy are still very effective including: local media exposure through newspaper and other traditional print, news channels, radio advertising, television commercials, billboard ads, public relations, industry relations, social awareness and community event involvement or sponsorship. Online strategies are being focused on more by all sized businesses in every industry and are proving to be cost effective as well as a great way to boost global and local business. Some online strategies include social media marketing thorough sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and Digg, blog and micro-blog posting, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Internet Radio and T.V., podcasts, webinars, banners, video marketing, viral marketing, article marketing and much more. Involving the new technologies discussed above allows the business owner to participate in a type of voyeurism that (if done correctly) lets them essentially read the consumers mind. If a business really uses the tools available now through new technologies they can monitor trends in the market and identify and act upon those changes almost instantaneously.

Please don’t underestimate the amazing world that the online technologies are creating for business. Now is the time to get on board and really see what the future holds for business. Integrated Marketing should encompass both online and offline techniques if one expects to truly be competitive in today’s business arena.

Properly Engage in Social Media Networks into your Business

The strength of social media for business is tremendous and it is highly recommended that one never underestimate the power of these sites. One can establish their business among a wide variety of prospective clients through social media networks. Creating a business presence on these sites also helps to shape the integrity of the business while expanding its customer base.
The biggest “don’t” for social media in business is getting involved before one knows what they are doing. All of the newer ways to advertise online can be so exciting for a new or developing business once they are introduced to the idea that some people dive right into setting up their profile before they understand how exactly the sites work. Before devoting time into these sites, one should familiarize themselves first with the good and bad aspects of getting involved so that detrimental mistakes can be avoided. A business can run a very smooth social media campaign fairly easily when the proper precautions are taken initially. Remember, there is no social media insurance.
Social media shows no signs of slowing its involvement in both the business and personal lives of people young and old around the world. Placing ads within Social Media sites is extremely effective. Facebook, for example, allows companies to place ads based on users demographics (i.e. Users age, martial status, likes, etc). This is very powerful as a business owner can ensure that their ad is being placed in front of their target market. Say for example, a business sells wedding cakes, they can place an add in their region to appear in front of women in their mid to late 20s that have a status of engaged. This is very effective because these engaged young women are the perfect audience to be marketing wedding cake services. If you are a business owner, it is recommended that you consider a social media strategy if you want to remain competitive in our ever changing world of communication.

At the Rally





As I participate in a historical rally for the state of Arizona and its people, I come to realize that the efforts of not passing SB1070 is supported by many. The media only shows one color, and thats brown! It is so crazy looking into the crowd and seeing the unity of diversity and the strength of belief over this case. Groups such LOVE a ministered organization whom the majority is Anglo-American are protesting, chanting, singing, handing out water and picking up trash, along with other groups such as Puentes Arizona and many more. Its half day, and the streets are still not crowded but many who I’m with and others who Ive heard from are saying the people are still coming by the bus loads!

The area that is more surprising is the level of education that is present for this rally. We have Grad students, Law Students, Medical Doctors, pastors, nuns, and many other professions who are of significance to the outcome of this bill. We are all effective with what is decided, many say “we are loosing jobs”, “get the illegals out”, “this is America, learn English” ; really is that required from our public. 1st of all no jobs are lost, the ilegals maintain our supply and demand at a balanced level, and speak English only! This is America, the melting pot of the world, the place where people come to live the dream of joyness and freedom, do what you want! Live life and let people live!

Alex Anaya

Written on my phone while I site here in the shade on a hot Arizona day watching swat prepared teams controlling crowds and making threats with gas and bean bags.

Shakira Really Cares

How is it that some one who doesn’t even live in our country cares about our immigration reform, as you see this issue has became a worldwide concern, it doesn’t just affect people here in Arizona, but it will have an impact on many others who fall under a racial profile that requires questioning. Shakira recently visited Arizona and attended a press conference with Mayor Phil Gordon and other local officials, this display of concern shows us all how a law that is not agreed upon will not be tolerated. I wonder why this was not put to vote by the public, well because it would not have been passed! Easy! She explains the violation of human rights and civil, however if you think about it also breaks our U.S Constitution Amendments, like the 1st, 4th, 5th and 14th. Check them out and think how this violates those rights that were given by our founding fathers. This will be an interesting issue, especially with in these next 90days. Let’s see what happens… and check out the video in the article.

Alex B Anaya

Arizona Prop 1070

Originally written on 4/22/10

Below is my response to this article:

We are all aware of the new Proposition that has currently passed. Many of us come from migrant families who have struggled and worked hard to provide the opportunities that you and I have today. Below I have attached an article from Armando Contreras CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I believe if we all educate ourselves on an issue and understand what type of outcome is foreseen; we as citizens, people, Latinos and/or progenies of individuals who strive for success we all could have a strong influencing voice towards our government.

I share a this issue with you as I’m a descendent of two individuals who traveled though countries and risk themselves in order to be here in the United States of America and live the American Dream. This message is not meant to build any animosity towards are local government, but to share the idea of Unity!
If you are a person who feels the same about this issue, we still have time to call Gov. J. Brewer and express our feelings and increase the votes to veto this new addition to our legislation.

Office of Gov J. Brewer

Alex B Anaya